Latest Site Updates

October 3 2022: A new blog article, "Innateness; on being 'born this way'", is now live.

August 22 2022: A new blog article, "Fictos in Fiction: Ghoulia Yelps" is now live. Also, the blog section of the site now has comments powered by Disqus! Better yet, the entire site now saves your visited page, thanks to MelonKing's Frame Link script!

August 21 2022: More articles have been added to the Articles tab, plus a small paragraph on the nature of the collection.

August 13 2022: Kat, the moderator of this site, has officially moved into their university dorm room. Expect less frequent updates in the coming weeks as Kat becomes accustomed to campus life. Thank you for following!

August 7 2022: The Articles index is now up! If the page still shows as being 'under construction,' try clearing your browser cache. Also, another reminder for those interested: the Ficto Friends on Neocities Listing is up and accepting new entries! Find it on the Resources tab.