Ficto Friends on Neocities

Welcome to the Ficto Friends on Neocities listing! This is a site listing (similar to a webring) for websites on Neocities with fictosexual or 2DL webmasters. We believe that fict identity and expression is something to be embraced! Show your pride by becoming a part of this listing, and start connecting with other like-minded people!

How to Join

To join the listing, send an email to with a subject line that directly mentions the listing (e.g. Ficto Friends Application). Your email address will not be made public or shared with anyone.

Terms of Use

The Ficto Friends listing is open to any website on Neocities owned or operated by an individual identifying as ficto or 2DL. Sites do not have to include content specifically relating to fictosexuality or 2D love to be eligible.

Up to five sites owned by a single webmaster are allowed to join the listing as individual entries. This only counts for sites of which you are the sole owner — sites partially owned by you do not count towards this total.

Prohibited Content

Sites found to contain the following will be ineligible to join the Ficto Friends listing:

As well, any website that is found to be permanently defunct or deactivated will be removed from the listing. If you choose to create another site (or if your original site is reinstated), you will have to send another email to be re-included.

Ficto Friends Listing

Current members: 4


Boothworld Industries

Webmaster: Beau

Run by a totally human, living, and breathing entity on the planet Earth that has accidentally fallen for many of its fictional creations.
Feast your eyes upon numerous nonsensical ramblings of the owners interests and overly gushy love letters.




Webmaster: Azure

50% personal site, 50% resource and graphics archive, and 100% rad, this site houses the shrines,
essays, and soul of the webmaster: an autistic boygirl with a fixation on falling for fictional folks.

Mocha Ray Cookie Shrine

Webmaster: nephro

nephro ('s webpage shrine for her 2D lover -- mocha ray cookie, from cookie run ovenbreak



Webmaster: Nephro

The neverending work in progress art project and digital haven,
which just so happens to be webmaster'd by a fictosexual lesbian.